Catering terrace screen

Sliding windows vertical

Using high-quality aluminum, these windows are designed with a minimalist approach, resulting in maximum visibility. Mechanical control with safety sensors ensures effortless operation. What sets these windows apart is the ability of these vertical sliding windows and doors to reach a maximum length of as much as 750 centimeters from a single window. The windows gather below or above, making them suitable as partitions as well as entrances.

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  • Custom design with high-quality materials and maximum insulation
  • Standard security class RC2 and RC3
  • Maximum resistance to corrosion, stains and scratches guarantee high aesthetic performance
  • Electric and independently switched controls
  • Installation and assembly by specialist craftsmen
  • Expert customized advice from one of our specialists

Pandora vertical sliding windows

Libart’s vertical sliding windows are the ideal choice for your business. This Panoramica Vertical Sliding Window is aesthetic, modern and highly functional and are possible up to as much as 600 cm per module.