Hospitality project development

Conservatory restaurant

Inova specializes in creating custom glass, aluminum and steel structures. The focus is on sustainability, functionality and aesthetics. Whether it’s new construction or improving your existing property, Inova offers the perfect solution for a unique, custom-built conservatory for your guests to enjoy year-round.

Inova Glasconstructies
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  • Fully insulated and resistant to the most extreme weather conditions
  • Hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated steel and aluminum
  • Installation and assembly by specialist craftsmen
  • Collaboration with renowned (international) engineers and architects
  • In-house manufacturing and cooperation with carefully selected partners in Europe
  • CE marking and EN-ISO:9001/EN-ISO:1090 certified

Conservatory new construction

We enjoy partnering with architects and engineers to get the most out of your project. With full control over the production process, we offer flexibility for both classic and modern designs, as well as completely unique creations. Inova guarantees craftsmanship and customization of the highest level.

Conservatory extension

The possibilities are endless and range from glass folding walls, sliding walls or vertical sliding windows to sliding glass roofs, slatted roofs and fixed roofs.

Conservatory extension

Because we produce everything in-house, we can go in any direction with your building. Whether you go for a classic, modern or a completely unique design.