Hospitality patio canopy

Terrace canopy fabric

The Kompact provides a versatile solution for covering expansive patio areas, perfectly suited for the unpredictable Dutch weather. Its retractable canvas roof system shields your patio from both rain and sunlight, enabling you to enjoy outdoor seating year-round comfortably. A standout feature is its ability to extend up to 10 meters wide per module, with no visible beams at the front, ensuring unobstructed views are maximized.

Inova Covering - Kompact
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  • Available in modular sizes of up to 10 meters wide and 12 meters deep per module
  • Constructed from hot-dip galvanized steel and aluminum, finished with a durable powder coating
  • Choice of PVC and water-repellent cloths
  • Electric and independently switched controls
  • Installation and assembly by specialists
  • Expandable with patio heaters and LED lighting
  • CE marking and EN-ISO:9001/EN-ISO:1090 certified

Kompact Standard

The Kompakt Standard is specifically engineered for year-round utilization of your patio and is mounted onto your existing facade. Prior to installation, we meticulously assess the optimal solution for your building. With this in mind, we collaborate closely with you to design the perfect blinds tailored to your needs.

Compact Stand-alone

This freestanding canopy provides the perfect opportunity to enhance the aesthetics of your patio, and Inova stands as the premier specialist in this domain. Due to its self-contained structure, the Kompact Stand-Alone can be positioned anywhere with ease.

Compact Semi Stand-alone

As every facade is unique and may not always accommodate traditional patio cover attachments, the Kompact Semi Stand-Alone was developed specifically for this purpose. It is entirely self-contained, allowing it to be placed against any facade, even those that are not ideally suited for such installations.