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Your sky is our limit

The Inova Group, founded by Piero La Via, is the specialist in customized canopies in the widest sense. From the specialization in glass aluminum and steel construction, the various disciplines have expanded more than ever in recent years.

Our products are manufactured in our own factory in Italy. To be the very best, Inova works with European manufacturers that complement each other in unique ways, allowing us to get the most out of your project.

What do we stand for?

  • Flexibility in customization: We are flexible in creating custom canopies, facades and textile architecture.
  • Meeting the challenge: We embrace challenges and strive to get the most out of every project.
  • Cooperation with top engineers: Our cooperation extends to renowned (international) engineers, resulting in innovative and superior solutions.
  • High-quality materials: Our commitment to quality is second to none. We use only high-quality materials and continue to employ cutting-edge techniques to ensure lasting results.
  • Strategic collaborations: Our close collaboration with both architects and manufacturers creates a synergy that leads to an optimal final product. Together we strive for perfection in every detail.
  • Excellent Service: Our commitment to your project begins from the first contact, but does not stop at completion.

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Our team

Damiano Campa


Damiano is passionate in his daily work, focusing mainly on commercial, technical and strategic activities. Damiano is a realist and believes that you should start a day with dedication and passion and end it with a satisfied feeling.

Piero La Via


Piero owes his extensive knowledge and large (inter)national network to his years of experience within this segment. Piero maintains the relationship with the client from the first contact to the final completion of a project. He provides excellent support during both the design and development phases but is always there for his clients even after completion.

Fabio Campa


Fabio is responsible for everything that enters and leaves the factory. In his role as final technical manager, he manages the technical aspect and analyzes whether all components meet Inova’s high quality standards. In addition, Fabio also has an important advisory role during the construction process.

Marco Campa


Marco is always at the forefront of internal and external developments and oversees a variety of organizational improvements. Marco is responsible for finances and human resources as well as the general affairs of the organization. This includes liaising with suppliers, implementation of laws and regulations, internal audits and legal and tax issues.

Mimmo Villani


Mimmo possesses unique multidisciplinary skills. For example, he leads the company’s development department, including product design and optimization. His department’s responsibilities include the technical drawings and calculations required for production, which comply with strict European industrial standards.

Frenchco Quarta


Francesco is responsible for ICT and visualization of Inova’s projects. Using advanced technology, he ensures that designs are rendered from the drawing board, photorealistic. This gives our clients a good idea of the future end result of a project. Therefore, his creativity comes in handy in organizational graphics and optimization of corporate marketing.

Lennart Heres Hoogerkamp


One step better every day. This is the motto with which Lennart works on a daily basis to permanently optimize the organization. He translates the corporate vision into concrete plans and deals with improving internal processes. Within the Netherlands, he is responsible for the overall operations of the organization. This includes financial, organizational and marketing activities.

Livio Calo


There is no project that leaves the factory door without Livio putting his stamp on it. In fact, he ensures that all our realizations meet the strictest conditions with respect to technological and physical requirements, making our constructions safe, durable and long-lasting for years.


Without our partners, we cannot deliver the absolute quality we as Inova Group stand for. Together, we design and manufacture your products specifically tailored to maximize the return on your project.