Hospitality parasol

Large hospitality parasol

Dutch weather conditions demand a lot from your parasols. Therefore, do you choose sustainable use? Then you will naturally end up with Inova’s Central Pole line. Due to years of experience and the use of only the best materials, these parasols last a long time. In addition, thanks to the telescoping action, the surrounding tables can simply remain standing during the opening and closing of this parasol.

5.2 Central Pole
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  • 100% Italian design with high-quality materials
  • Easy to use thanks to self-balancing opening with pulley and locking system
  • Custom and standard sizes up to 48 m² m
  • Telescopic operation for opening and closing over tables
  • Frame provided with 6005 Aluminum epoxy powder coating with high strength rating
  • Stainless steel elements and bolts
  • Features modular easily replaceable roof sections


The MaxiPro is the most chosen parasol by hospitality industry. This model is frequently used in fixed arrangement and is also very popular in coastal areas due to its storm resistance.

– Custom parasols and standard sizes ranging from 400 x 400 to 600 x 800 cm


The Flash has an elegant and sleek design, making it an absolute eye-catcher on your patio. The parasol can be easily opened with the special balancing system with double lock.

  • Custom parasols and standard sizes ranging from 300 x 300 to 500 x 500 cm


The Professional is proof that heavy quality does not have to weigh a lot. This parasol is specially designed to be easily moved and stored, making it perfect for parties and celebrations, among other things.

– Custom parasols and standard sizes ranging from 300 x 300 to 350 x 450 cm