Inova Project

Curtain walls

Curtain walls give your building the look that suits your business and therefore completes the first impression. In addition to aesthetics, these advanced facade systems also contribute positively to energy efficiency through the use of sustainable and insulating materials.

Vliesgevel D&C
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  • Exclusively high-quality materials and advanced techniques
  • Installation and assembly by specialist craftsmen
  • Collaboration with renowned (international) engineers and architects
  • In-house manufacturing and cooperation with carefully selected partners in Europe
  • CE marking and EN-ISO:9001/EN-ISO:1090 certified

Glass facade

Thanks to the fusion of glass and other elements in Inova’s unique designs, our curtain walls provide a timeless look that effortlessly adapts to any environment.

PVC facade

A PVC curtain wall is a plastic curtain wall that is widely used in construction because of its durability, insulating properties and versatility. Therefore, it not only aesthetically enriches your building but also has a cost-saving effect thanks to improved energy efficiency.