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From our expertise in structural steel and glass construction and shared passion for the sport of padel, Inova began manufacturing padel courts in 2018. We have designed several types of padel courts that meet all the requirements of the NOC*NCSF. Our padel courts are standard panoramic, ensuring maximum visibility.

Inova Sport
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  • Available as single and double variants
  • Hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated steel in all RAL colors
  • 12 mm thick tempered safety glass for the ultimate ball bounce
  • Light poles equipped with 2000 watt LED lighting with anti-reflection for ultimate comfort
  • High quality Mondo STx90 artificial turf 12 mm and 10,000 DTEX in green, blue and orange colors
  • Installation and assembly by specialist craftsmen
  • CE marking and EN-ISO:9001/EN-ISO:1090 certified


The Vision is a state-of-the-art padel court with panoramic views and attention to every detail. The minimal structure ensures that spectators have a full view of the playing field from outside. In addition, these tracks are completely free of protruding parts, making the track not only safe, but aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


Even more visibility through even more glass. The Crystal is our newest variant and is similar to the Vision. The difference from the Vision is in the finish of the corners. On the Crystal, these are completely finished with glass, giving the track even more all-round visibility.


The Mobile is specially designed for events. This padel court also has the same functionalities and finishes as the Vision, but is dismountable as a whole, making it easily portable. So ideal for tournaments at temporary venues. The platform consists of a steel structure of pre-assembled blocks that are leveled and ballasted. It can therefore be installed on any type of terrain without the need for foundation work. The panels under the artificial grass provide a surface that guarantees perfect playability.